In-prison programmes

Mental Health Workshops

Our Mental Health Workshops are held at all three Central Prisons where we work. These workshops focus on restoring an individual’s self-image and developing the understanding that they are not defined by a single act of crime. These processes give rise to restoration, healing and strength to lead healthier lives once they are released from prison.

With the help of Mental Health Consultants, we use theatre, art forms and interactive games to challenge women to think of action and ability to alter how they respond to events in their lives. A participatory art form, the Theatre of the Oppressed model is central to our Mental Health Workshops as it invites participating life convicts to envision concrete action, reimagine the self and collective transformation.

Through these workshops, we also encourage peer-to-peer emotional support and guidance by empowering those who have been released to invest time in those still in prison.

Creative Expression Training

The Creative Expressions Trainings in macrame art, quilling, hand and machine embroidery, etc. enable the women to learn and enjoy exploring their creative side. These trainings enable them to be positively engaged in creative activities. Our team is exploring marketing opportunities for these products, the proceeds of which will go back to the women themselves. Women find a sense of stability, an outlet for creative energy and more than anything, a sense of purpose.