Our Programmes

What We Do

TJI currently works with women life convicts in the Central Prisons of Bengaluru, Mysuru and Shimoga in the State of Karnataka. Karnataka’s Shimoga district is home to one women-only prison out of 32 across 15 states and union territories in the country.

TJI’s programmes are designed with the perspective of complementing the efforts of the Indian criminal justice system. As of 2021, the occupancy rate of prisons across India was at 130.2%, emphasising the need for collaborative efforts by governmental and civil society agencies.

Our in-prison and post release programmes are designed with the understanding that no one entity can have the capacity to fully cater to the holistic needs of life convicts.

TJI dedicates itself to redefining how a person sees themselves and in redefining how justice is understood.

We offer in-prison and post-release programmes to life convicts to help them through their journeys of understanding themselves and finally reintegrating into society.