Meet our director

Siddharth is an alumnus of Sciences Po Paris and the University of London and is currently training to be a solicitor at a Human Rights and Civil Liberties law firm in London. His inclination towards issues of justice and development in the socio-economic space has enabled active involvement both at the national and international spheres. Engagements with the Ministry of Justice, UK and with a Member of the Parliament in India have provided valuable first hand insights on central issues of law and policy. In his individual capacity, he has worked on issues related to prisons in Karnataka. His passion to take the cause of justice across borders is a distinct mark of his journey.

Hear From Our Director


“Our system is designed in a way where people with limited means are often caught in the revolving door of injustice. We are retributive rather than restorative.  I believe that we must work together and learn to forgive to progress. People deserve a second chance where they have the opportunity to rebuild their lives.  TJI’s mission is to facilitate this process and that is why I choose to be part of this organisation.”